SILA Client Services



At SILA Management Services Inc., we provide advice to senior officials with the federal and territorial governments and northern-based entities with a primary focus on the following six areas: governance and accountability, project management, Arctic marine operations, policy development, operational and program reviews and financial management.

SILA marine consulting services assists both public and private sector entities. We provide advice on Arctic conditions that influence northern marine transportation including port and harbour services, sea ice and climatological analysis, both scientific and operational. Visit our marine consulting services page.


SILA's Services include:

  • Strategic Planning Processes and procedures development
  • Policy Development Technical writing and business communication
  • Financial management and accountability
  • Presentation development Business development and planning
  • Mentoring and business coaching
  • Business proposal development
  • Business education
  • New business set-up and counselling
  • Public Consultation, coordination and logistics



Now in its second decade of service, two important business priorities have been established. The first is to re-brand SILA Management Services Inc. under SILA North highlighting our commitment to the North right in our name. The second is to visit more Nunavut communities and continue to broaden SILA North’s reach across the territory. We look forward to working with you and creating another successful decade.